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Google News Inventor Has 3 Tips for Newspapers

Krishna Bharat, Google’s inventor of Google News service, says in Guardian Unlimited:

“New technology has always changed the face of journalism. The market is efficient and whatever brings the most value to readers will be the new technology of choice. We all want readers to have the best experience.”

He says the Internet provides opporunities for print in these areas:

Number one: global accessibility. Information on the web is always interconnected and hyperlinked to other relevant information. Bharat says that “most newspapers have stuck to a reliance on print format” and, with few exceptions, have not endeavoured to embrace the internet fully.

Number two: use the consumer. Simply, the internet allows first-hand co-opting of citizen journalism. He cites two examples: Current TV, branded “the TV network created by the people who watch it.”, which allows members of the public some training and then uploading content for the channel; and similarly Korean online-only site OhmyNews. Development of blogging as a participatory way of engaging public views also falls into this category.

Number three: personalisation. Broadcast TV or radio cannot allow personalisation, the internet can. Google News allows this, Bharat says, and by taking elements into account such as past browsing behaviour and offering content that other users with similar habits have accessed, a better experience can be achieved.

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