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Revisiting Ann Coulter’s Legs And Her Hurt Feelings

I noticed that Ann Coulter is back in the news with columnists like David Carr and Howard Kurtz trying to figure out what goes inside her brain, body and soul. On one level one must ask, why bother, but I think who she is and who she insults was best captured by the photographer Platon.

I reintroduce my post from April 25, 2005. It follows:

I am not one to usually quote Drudge, but last week Ann Coulter was complaining about her legs being misrepresented. Here is what Drudge said:


“Why can’t they just photograph conservatives straight?!” blasted this week’s TIME magazine covergirl Ann Coulter.

The bestselling author and controversialist slammed magazine editors for fronting a photo of her, she claims, which is so distorted “my own mother would not even recognize me!”

The photographer, Platon, appears to have used a wide “Fisheye” lense for the cover snap, stretching Coulter’s legs and feet — while shrinking the rest of her body.

But did you know that Platon also took a portrait of Max Cleland. And do you remember when Coulter, during the election season, said this about Max Cleland:

“If Cleland had dropped a grenade on himself at Fort Dix rather than in Vietnam, he would never have been a U.S. Senator in the first place. Maybe he’d be the best pharmacist in Atlanta,” Coulter said in her column, published on February 11.

“He didn’t give his limbs for his country, or leave them on the battlefield,” Coulter said. “There was no bravery involved in dropping a grenade on himself with no enemy troops in sight.”

So was the Coulter photo a little of Platon’s retribution or God’s? Both of Platon’s photos are seen above.

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