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Reinventing Journalism Paper Gets More Buzz

My Reinventing Journalism paper at First Monday is creating more buzz, both figuratively and literally. Today Bill Densmore at Media Giraffe did a podcast with me. When you listen to it, you will know what I mean by the literal buzz.

I was impressed, Densmore called and then in the middle of the conversation said, let’s turn in this into an MP3 and he did. I want to steal that technique. It’s fast and efficient — except for a hiccup on Densmore’s end with the buzz, it would have been clear.

Densmore in addition to doing instant podcasts is running the conference “Democracy and Independence: Sharing News and Politics in a Connected World.” It’s got great participants and a great program. He still has room for people who want to sign up, it runs June 29-July 1, 2006 in Amherst, Mass.

Here is what the Poynter Institute wrote about the Reinventing Journalism paper, and here is the Reinventing College Media interview.

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2 Responses to “Reinventing Journalism Paper Gets More Buzz”

  1. norumba Says:

    I read your paper over on First Monday (why cant people leave comments there?).

    as web editor in Santa Fe, we’ve done a lot with engaging our readership, and we’ve had some astonishing successes with their input resulting in civic action. I think one of the key concepts as newsrooms prepare for the future is responsiveness. Responsive to your publics needs and interests, responsive to breaking news, responsive to evaluate constantly emerging technologies. I also see the role of typical newsroom jobs changing drastically – but thats another topic…

  2. Leonard Witt Says:


    Please email some of the success stories with links, and I’ll post them at the site. Remember it is all about share and share alike.