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Teaching Swamiji How to Blog

I have been in India to attend colleague Nikhil Moro’s wedding in Mysore. While there we stayed at the Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, a resident boys school run by Hindu monks. Just like the world of journalism, the monks are used to being gatekeepers, they want the boys to be well educated but at the same time, do not want them to be exposed to negative influences. Our own public schools in the USA have the same dilemma.

Still the Hindu monks have ancient philosophical roots that play right into the peer to peer content development work that makes weblogs and sites like Wikipedia so successful. As I was speaking to the head monk Swami Muktidananda, known familiarly as Swamiji, in his office I noticed a sign on his wall that said by working together we can succeed in ways that could not happen if we worked alone.

There is no proselytizing in Hindu religion, but of course in the religion of blogging there is. So one night I got together with a couple of teachers and the Swamiji. We sat down at a school computer, turned to and I taught them how to blog.

Swamiji did the content development as one of the teachers typed furiously. And here I am proud to say is their end result. More about my India adventures later.

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