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How to Make Blogging Easier

Earlier I mentioned that if I had to do it over, I would drop Movable Type for It’s built on the open source Griff%20Wigley.png I asked my computer-help guru Griff Wigley, pictured here, why Movable Type has remained so static, while these other sites are so much more user friendly. He speculates that they are putting their resources into Typepad, realizing they can’t compete with the open source community which is producing magnificently easy to use free or low cost blog sites like WordPress.

However, here at I have an added dilemma. My blog is set into a bigger website. Transferring things over to WordPress will happen eventually, but it will take some technical prowess from the likes of Wigley.

In the mean time I have opted, at Wigley’s suggestion, to use Blog Writer at Here is how it describes itself.

The Zoundry Blog Writer is a rich WYSIWYG blogging editor that’s as easy to use as a word processor. With just a few clicks of a mouse instead of complex HTML coding, you can do things like drag and drop images, create block quotes, and format links to open in a new window.

It is true you can do all of those things and check your spelling too. It’s just like typing into a Word doc file. You can also make money by providing links to money earning categories. But I am just interested in the ease it has provided to my blogging.

It takes someone with a little know how to set it up, which for me meant a 15-minute Skype conversation with Wigley.

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