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Host Your Own Blog Talk Radio Show

Blog Talk Radio is a beta site where you can have your own talk show and get 50 % shared revenues from the site. The site includes a Top Ratings Promotion Guide.

Here is the promo on the home page:

Your BlogShow lets you host your own talk show online. Receive live callers, interview guests, and broadcast to an unlimited number of listeners. All you need is any type of phone, an internet connection, and something to say. All your listeners need is streaming audio or any type of phone should they choose to call in.

Getting started is easy, and it’s free!

But you want to know the real kicker?

We share with you 50% of the revenue your BlogShow generates!

What a great place to practice radio. Even if you don’t have an audience, so what. Of course, for the folks at Blog Talk Radio, I am sure they don’t care. If tons of people host shows and each has a small audience, the site itself gets a big total audience and maybe some of the hosts will develop a following.

It’s great for ethnic groups with no resources and no or very limited radio access. Now you can have unlimited hours of, let’s say, Somalian or Mayan internet radio. And you get phone numbers assigned especially to you on which your listeners can call. Neat.

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