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Watch for MPR Michael Skoler Interview

Tomorrow, Monday, April 4, 2003, I will be posting an excellent IM Interview I had with Michael Skoler, now managing director of news at Minnesota Public Radio. MPR gets the idea of collective brain power and is investing in new jobs to prove it. That’s tomorrow. Here are the Leonard Witt IM Interviews from the past.

Maynard: Diversity Is about Survival

Dori J. Maynard, as president and chief executive officer of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, says about diversity: we have so many other options for getting our news that if an organization does not accurately reflect my world I can go elsewhere.

World Editors Director Sees Fox, Al-Jazeera Similarities
Bertrand Pecquerie , director of the World Editors Forum, says one reason people respect newspapers less is that the audience is better educated than it was in the past.

Will Weblogs Make Copy Editors Obsolete?
Tom Mangan is a features desk copy editor at the San Jose Mercury News and is well known in journalism blogging circles for Prints the Chaff, his weblog for newspaper editors.

Assembly Line Newsrooms Are an Outdated Model
Obsessions are the positive forces driving participatory journalism. The old assembly line model in newsrooms is obsolete. These are just a couple of insights in this interview with Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis, authors of the We Media whitepaper produced for the Media Center at the American Press Institute.

Media Center Thinkfest: Everyone Is Media

Andrew Nachison is director of Media Center at the American Press Institute which commissioned the We Media report in anticipation of its March 10-12 MediaMorphosis leadership retreat. The event is billed as a: Brainshare. Thinkfest. Business opportunityÂ…MediaMorphosis brings together the liveliest minds in news, business, media, research and technology for a global, cross-industry expedition into the future of media and the media business.

Lydon Picks Blogs Over Mainstream Media
Blogging of the President–2004 host Christopher Lydon, formerly of National Public Radio, is now a blogger and as this interview makes clear, he is moving further away from the mainstream press and deeper into web generated information. He is now hosting a weekly radio program at Minnesota Public Radio with blogging ties.

NH Public Radio Taps Citizen Bloggers

“I have found myself as a sort of editor for ten new citizen reporters. ” Jon Greenberg, Executive Editor, New Hampshire Public Radio.

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