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Google Jockeying for Classes and Presentations

In October I will be giving a presentation entitled From Public Journalism to the Public’s Journalism: A Personal Journey, which is based partially on an earlier paper I wrote. My presentation plan is to have someone surf the net for topics and websites as I mention them in the talk.

As it turns out that job actually has a description and a title: Google Jockey. I have been at conferences where I would do it ad hoc for presenters, and I watched Jeff Jarvis deftly handle the task when others were talking. So perhaps without knowing it both Jarvis and I are de facto Google Jockeys.

Educause has a good explanation of how Google Jockeying works and how one professor uses it in his classroom.

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3 Responses to “Google Jockeying for Classes and Presentations”

  1. Spacey Says:

    Get ‘em to add that to your card, Prof W. You did a pretty darn good job of it at the last AMB meeting. I’ve done the very same thing at several meetings lately, surf and talk – all at the same time. For a big finale, sometimes I chew gum too.

    If I was to assist such an endeavor professionally, I’d prefer to wear something with feathers and sequins as the wheel goes around. I think red would be nice. Is that presentation in Vegas? I bet it’s Greensboro. Better tone it down there. Still the Bible Belt, ‘ya know.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Hi Grayson:
    Actually I will be presenting at the Technology Law Institute for the State Bar of Georgia right here in Atlanta. Here’s the program:

    However, we do need to run a contest for the best official Google Jockey uniform. I see it as something that Ze Frank might get his followers to design. Last week they worked on dressing up vacuum cleaners. Ah, the wonders of citizen media.

  3. Spacey Says:

    Yeah, sometimes I wonder if the whole citizen journalism thing isn’t just completely over-thought, given that people really want to dress-up vacuum cleaners. And remember when I was saying at AMB that what I REALLY wanted to be was a gossip columnist? Well, low and behold, look where I ended-up today:

    Let’s just keep it as lowbrow as possible. Then everybody wins!