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Outing: Online Editors Want to Run It All

Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher conducted anonymous interviews with online editors at newspapers and found out they are ready to take control from the print editors. He writes:

Wrote one correspondent: “Allowing print-side editors who have been damagingly slow to the new media dance to continue to run the show and call all the shots makes about as much sense as continuing to keep the operations (print and online) separate.”

Outing says the news industry still does not seem ready to take the big steps it needs. Of course, I agree, but I am not sure that just putting the online folks in charge is enough. I think once Mark Zuckerberg gets his $1 billion for Facebook, he should be put in charge or someone like him. It’s not just about displaying news, it is figuring out how to build news communities where everyone is linked and working together.


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