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Sunlight Foundation’s Amazing, Fun Message Creation Tool

Remember the Chevy Tahoe build-your-own advertising campaign that went bad? Well, the Sunlight Foundation has its own rendition with a $5,000 contest entitled: What Do You Think Congress Does All Day?

They have everything you need to build your own video; the learning curve is about 15 minutes. I made my own, which really doesn’t answer the question, but it allowed me to provide a message. Lots of other messages are being produced, many not very flattering to the parties or to the political process.

What a fantastic tool and what a great way to fritter away a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

By the way, anyone who doesn’t think the citizens have a clue, should spend some time watching these videos. They are a variety of nasty, funny, enlightening, but mostly very creative work.

Any how, here is my try. Remember I am basically a print guy.

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