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Dan Gillmor As Citizen Journalism’s Pied Piper

Massachusetts’s CommonWealth magazine profiles Dan Gillmor, includes this excerpt from article entitled “Citizen journalism’s pied piper”:

Gillmor sketches out a scenario whereby journalists and citizens would work together every step of the way, from pre-publication to well beyond. At the beginning, a reporter-instead of relying entirely on a Rolodex that may or may not lead him to the right sources-might post a message on his blog or on his news organization’s Web site. “Say, ‘Here’s what I’m working on,’ in a very public way,” says Gillmor. “And then, ‘Who should I talk to?’” After publication, Gillmor says, the reporter could keep revising his story as new information becomes available. Ideally, this would be done in a way that would allow readers to see precisely what was changed, deleted, and added over time.

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