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News Trust Open to Public, Rate the News

Ever feel like you should understand something, but you don’t? That’s my problem with NewsTrust. Its advisory board is filled with great thinkers, so it must be right. After all, what could be wrong with a site that says:

We’re happy to introduce NewsTrust, our next-generation social news network. We’re an online community of citizens who care about good journalism. Our free website and email/RSS feeds feature some of the best news and opinions from hundreds of trusted online sources. NewsTrust members rate news stories based on journalistic quality, not just popularity.

Yet, each time I come to it, I am not sure where to focus. What to do. Maybe it’s just me. Its press release says:

Our first public beta for NewsTrust launched Tuesday, November 28th, 2006. NewsTrust is now open to the public and hundreds of new members have just signed up in the past few hours, joining about a thousand members from our private pilot site. We expect our community to grow rapidly, as the word spreads out.

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