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Editors Weblog Overview of

The Editors Weblog gives an overview of

Debbie a Montclair, New Jersey Local, saw a desire for news in her community that made her decide to try her hand at online reporting…The target audience of Montclair suburbanites is an intellectual group who”live right think left.” Most Barista users check the site numerous times throughout the day at work to keep up on local events. As expected, traffic often cuts in half on weekends.

Here is an interesting tidbit, (unfortunately with no rebuttal response from the editor):

The area local paper, the Montclair Times, has had mixed opinions about Galant’s initiative. The Times’ editor-in-chief seems to have developed a dislike for the site even going as far as putting pressure on police sources not to talk to the Baristanet crew saying they weren’t a real newspaper.

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