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Conference: SoCon07 — Connect Because You Can

Hello world, the SoCon07 — Connect Because You Can conference is set for February 10, 2007 right here at Kennesaw State University. It’s a semi unconference. Plus it’s what we are calling the biggest online/face-to-face social networking event in the South. Web 2.0, collective intelligence, how to be an online entrepreneur, how to do online PR, reinventing media, podcasting, vlogging, blogging and more. It’s a mashup of all that’s happening with the idea of getting all of us to reinvent our own thinking.

We will probably kick things off on Friday night February 9 with small roundtable discussions over a roast beef buffet dinner. We are looking at a great hotel for just $109. The dinner is $24. The cocktail reception afterward, if I find a sponsor, will be free. The conference itself is free, you will just have to pre-register once our site goes live, which will be soon. So add it up: $109 + $24 is less than $150. Stay another night, and we suppose many people will, and it will be less than $300 for a really big social networking, fun and mind-altering weekend.

So the three choices or mix and match your own: Just the conference, zero dollars or conference, big dinner, big reception, big talk less than $150 or finally a complete weekend of nonstop activity and big time networking, less than $300.

More later but when the registration pops up, sign up quick. Don’t be cut out. Registration is limited.

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2 Responses to “Conference: SoCon07 — Connect Because You Can”

  1. Bryan Murley Says:

    Dangit, I would have to be in Nebraska that weekend. Sounds like a great unconfab … whatever. :-)

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Hi Bryan:

    Double dangit. I was hoping you would be there. Well there will be other conferences. In fact, we want to make this one annual. But first we must get past the first conference.