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Wired’s Quest to Be Fully Transparent–What It Requires

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired Magazine and author of the Long Tail, in seeking to transforming his publication, writes of the Six tactics of transparent media. In doing so he seeks to answer these general questions:

If the key word is “participation”, how could we encourage that to the fullest? If trust comes come from transparency, how might we open the entire process? What does open source media really mean?

With each tactic he lists both the upside and the risk. For example, here is item number 2:

2) Show what we’re working on. We already have internal wikis that are common scratch pads for teams working on projects. And most writers have their own thread-gathering processes, often online. Why no open them to all? Who knows, perhaps other people will have good ideas, too.

Upside: Tap the wisdom of crowds

Risk: Tip off competitors (although I’d argue that this would just as likely freeze them; after all the prior art would be obvious to all); Risks “scooping ourselves”, robbing the final product of freshness.

This is the second part of a two part series. The first part he compares media paradigms then and now.

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