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Jay Rosen: Steal My Ideas

Jay Rosen tells us, in the video below, who is most apt to keep their ideas secret and who is most likely to reveal them to everyone.

See Eric von Hippel’s, freely available book, Democratizing Innovation for more on what he calls "free revealing." Here is a tiny excerpt that certainly holds true for Rosen's project:

"Freely revealing users also may benefit from enhancement of reputation, from positive network effects due to increased diffusion of their innovation, and from other factors. Being the first to freely reveal a particular innovation can also enhance the benefits received, and so there can actually be a rush to reveal, much as scientists rush to publish in order to gain the benefits associated with being the first to have made a particular advancement."

This is Part VIII of a series of edited segments from a talk Rosen gave at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The talk centers on his experimental project. These segments are edited by Leonard Witt from the original production by Colin Rhinesmith.

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