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Florida Newspaper Learns from Blue Frog

Read this Phil Lewis, Bonita Springs (Florida) Daily News column to get insight into the questions that the Internet is forcing on thoughtful editors. Of one day’s top ten most read stories on the Internet, only one of them, a story about a locally found blue frog, got on the front page of the newspaper.

Here are his questions:

Should we change the way we edit the Daily News, based on the readership trends we see on our website? Should the print edition be anything like the web edition? Should there be separate rules and policies? What’s the future hold? Where should we be headed? Where will we end up?

However, one thing strikes me as curious. Here is an obviously thoughtful editor talking about which stories are the most read and gives numbers for visitors to the site and how many people read various stories. But at the same time doesn’t provide links to any of these stories, including the blue frog one, as I have done above. Why not? Why not make such a tiny change that would push even more people back into the newspaper? I will go to his comment section and ask him. No I won’t; it is too complicated to sign in.

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