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What Will Happen When Only the Journalism Is Left?

I am at the second day of the Journalism that Matters conference in Memphis, surrounded by folks who want to save the great traditions of journalism. However, last night it seemed we were all yelling at each too much. Perhaps in a good way because many of us were advancing ideas and trying to defend them in a group session that allowed all of us a voice. Still in that collective environment sometimes it is difficult to present one idea that has been fully thought out. Thus, I think, the yelling.

Here is my biggest question. What will happen when only the journalism is left? It has grown out of a Christmas present I received. It is a small portable GPS. So I can walk about, tell it to find me the barbecue places or the department stores or the visitor center. In other words, what I might have needed a newspaper for in the past all pops up instantly in front of me when I need it and literally walks me to my destination step by step, street by street.

So who needs newspaper advertising if you have that, and, of course, soon everyone will have it in a more perfected form than we have now.

Which will leave news organization with nothing left but the journalism. Hence my question: What will happen when only the journalism is left?

Have fun with it, I have a conference I have to go.

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2 Responses to “What Will Happen When Only the Journalism Is Left?”

  1. Howard Owens Says:

    Without advertisers, there is no journalism.

  2. Anna Says:

    Is anyone blogging the conference?