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Brightcove Philosophy Elevates Producers Over Users

Is Brightcove the YouTube for high end content producers? It seems staid to me, missing the frenetic feel of YouTube. Maybe this quote from Brightcove’s founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire at MediaShift explains why:

We wanted to design a distribution platform that was built with the needs of content owners and media businesses in mind – as opposed to the needs and interests of consumers. As a result of that we spent an enormous amount of time with TV networks, music labels, news companies, magazine companies, brand marketers, as well as hundreds and hundreds of broadband startups and independent production companies. A really broad range of folks. We wanted to make sure that the distribution network that we built really worked for their interests.

We’re starting from that vantage point and are working outward from that. It’s a very different vantage point than companies that started [by figuring out] how to let consumers share content or publish content. The result is that the platform that we’ve created is a very rich and sophisticated platform that allows the media owner to run a business with all the forms of programming and revenue generation and user experience that they desire. That’s a critical difference.

Sounds to me like the media companies which are pumping millions into this want to maintain control, but don’t seem to get that the users rule. Meet user needs first and then the rest should come together.

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