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Chris Peck On Advancing Excellent Journalism

Chris Peck, editor of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, has an excellent letter at Romenesko. It grows out of the Journalism that Matters conference we all attended in Memphis. He writes:

Honor four rules of engagement as everything changes in the media world. Those four commitments to 21st century journalists boil down to these:

A commitment to create an informed, engaged public as the best hope for the future of democracy and civic life.

A commitment to nurture both healthy professional journalists and citizen journalists who work together to produce reliable local news.

A commitment to help future newspaper owners find a business model that can sustain the 21st century newsroom.

A commitment to shape content through direct conversations and interactions with citizens who will gain more authority for shaping newsgathering in the future.

In return, journalists must commit to not being hard-boiled, defensive, and afraid.

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