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Putting Student Journalism Work Online

Cardiff University has an interesting site that provides a nice example of how to package a journalism course and display student work online. It was part of a postgraduate course.

It is a fun site to click about and it is also a good place to see what students are capable of doing.

The students research, write, design and package their own stories and are accessed by these criteria:

  1. Choice and focus of piece
  2. Headline, standfirst and intro
  3. Structure of piece
  4. Tightness and clarity of writing
  5. Accuracy (grammar, spelling and punctuation)
  6. Use of source material (quotes, key facts etc)
  7. Use of pictures, captions and other supporting images
  8. Use of links
  9. Use of layout devices – boxouts, pull quotes, main and cross heads, lists etc

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