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Josh Wolfe, A Pandora’s Box for Courts, Media

Charles Cooper at CNet asks where the outcry is as:

…a San Francisco video blogger named Josh Wolf remains in the Federal Detention Center in Dublin, Calif., where he continues to set new records as this country’s longest-serving journalist behind bars.

Cooper adds:

Civil liberties-minded folks are upset about the press freedom issues raised by Wolf’s imprisonment. But Wolf’s self-proclaimed status as a video blogger also opens a Pandora’s box the fourth estate would just as soon see remain shut. More than any case I can recall, the Wolf case reflects the changing way journalism is being practiced in the age of Internet bloggers…

the court decided not to decide the tricky question of what constitutes “legitimate journalism.” To do otherwise, said the judge who authored the opinion warned, would be to imperil the very values the First Amendment was intended to protect.

Of course, for anyone interested in citizen journalism, free speech, the First Amendment and journalism in general has to consider what the Josh Wolfe case means to the way our democracy is practiced.

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