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Motion Box: Anyone Can Pinpoint a Video Segment

J. D. Lasica with a little help from Dan Gillmor does a video interview with Doc Searls about blogging. When he posts it, he provides several site options to watch the video. One is Motion Box below. It is not perfect, in fact, the voice and video are out of sync. Nonetheless, it provides the possibilities of selecting portions of the video and sharing those pieces with others.

It still needs a little refinement, but it would have, for example, saved me a ton of time when I took the Jay Rosen video and edited it into a bite size morsels. In time, someone will make this really easy to do.

Bonus Video: When I was looking around Motion Box, I found this old video by Jeff Jarvis, which also shows potential for real TV interactivity.

I could direct you to this head slapping scene in the Jarvis video. However, it doesn’t seem that I can embed it here. I can just link to it.

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