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Virginia Tech Shootings and Citizen Journalism

Amy Gahran at the Poynter’s E-Media tidbits writes the:

shooting at Virginia Tech is destined to become one of those cornerstone events in citizen journalism and participatory media.

Plus the Breaking News page at Poynter provides plenty of links. Another Poynter page with this headline Students Tell Va. Tech Story Through Cell Video, Blogs, Forums adds:

If you ever had a doubt about how important it is for your newsroom to be able to tap into user-generated content, the Virginia Tech story will change that. Look at this collection from CNN’s I-Report.

Students text messaged one another while hiding under desks.

Steve Fox at is taking a more measured view of this brand of “citizen journalism” as does David Cohn.

Jeff Jarvis writes about A new architecture of news and later has a conversation with CNN about the student cell phone video. Apparently, CNN bought exclusive rights and it has been viewed more than 2 million times.

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