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Watch for Cole Campbell IM Interview

I just complete an excellent IM Interview with Cole Campbell, a long time public journalist, who has been named dean of the University of Nevada, Reno, school of journalism.

I have to build in links and tomorrow there is a Kennesaw State University conference of Maya from 40 communities around the country. I am teaching some Maya how to blog so they can build an information community. Should be an interesting experiment. So that is going to keep me busy until Monday, when I will blog the Campbell interview.

I am also learning how to upload photos to the website and use a new photo gallery tool. So here is a first try with a photo of Campbell.

Remember drop by Monday, May 2, 2004 for the complete IM Interview. In the meantime see some other IM Interviews.
Cole Campbell photo2.jpg
Cole Campbell moderating the Public Journalism Network charter meeting, January, 2003.

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