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Rank This: Investigative Reporting Gets Long-Form Cut

This from

U.S. News & World Report this week disbanded its “I Team,” which had been a key part of the newsweekly since the 1980s.

On Tuesday Mort Zuckerman’s weekly magazine offered buyouts to legal-affairs correspondent Chitra Ragavan, national-security reporter Linda Robinson, and investigative reporter David E. Kaplan, who writes the “Bad Guys” blog.

“We had to make the decision to scale back on some of our long-form journalism,” says U.S. News editor Brian Kelly. “Unfortunately, that meant we had to offer buyouts to some very talented people.”

I guess this means we score one for the bad guys, but fear not:

U.S. News will continue to throw its resources and its future into mining the Web for its two brands: “News You Can Use” and rankings of colleges, high schools, and hospitals.

Now let’s see, how would U.S. News fair in a ranking of great journalism? I mean, what would happen to Harvard’s ranking if it fired three of its top professors in let’s say its MBA program.

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