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Ken Sands to Join Congressional Quarterly

Long time public journalism advocate Ken Sands, now an online innovator, will be leaving the Spokane Spokesman-Review for the Congressional Quarterly. His new title is Executive Editor for Innovation. A memo at Romenesko reads:

For more than a decade, Ken, now online publisher at The Spokesman-Review and in Washington state, has distinguished himself as an accomplished Internet innovator, someone who early on realized the potential of the digital revolution and transformed his newspaper into one of the most creative and dynamic online news organizations. Whether he was creating reader email databases or implementing Web videocasts of news meetings, Ken fostered in Spokane experimentation and exploration in ways few other places have…

In his new role, Ken will oversee editorial product development and much of, where much of our internal innovation has been – and will continue to be – born and nurtured. He starts August 20…

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