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ABC to Pilot User Generated TV News Show

I am a bit behind on this Variety item entitled:

ABC gives ‘i-Caught’ six-week run

Network launches user-generated video show

Story says:

ABC is hoping to reinvent the newsmagazine for the YouTube generation with a show produced by ABC News but based on user-generated video.

Hourlong skein “i-Caught” will get a six-week run on the network starting Aug. 6 at 10pm on Mondays with an eye toward a midseason return if it performs as well as the network hopes.

Amateur video will form the basis of the show’s segments, but ABC News correspondents will build news stories and features around video captured on cell phones or digicams and uploaded to a companion Web site.

Article adds that executive producer David Sloan :

…wants to position the show as a primetime venue for everything from leaked video from the battlefield in Iraq to vid from the campaign trail or video diaries, such as a parent’s account of a child’s first day at school.

Recent stories that could have fit the show include former Sen. George Allen’s “Macaca” moment, Alec Baldwin’s abusive voicemail and David Hasselhoff’s bizarre behavior — stories all derived from nontraditional sources.

“Everyone is becoming a hunter and gatherer for the news business,” Sloan said. “There is this whole interesting world of images and people; things that make you mad, make you worry or make you laugh. We want to explore all of that world.”

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