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Study: 96 % of Tweens, Teens in Online Social Networks

This from Advertising Age:

A whopping 96% of online tweens and teens connect to a social network at least once a week, according to a study and white paper being released today from Alloy Media & Marketing, a youth-oriented marketing firm. And nearly half engaged with a brand in the space in the past month.

According to Samantha Skey, exec VP-strategic marketing at Alloy, the tweens, teens say:

Offer me utilities to enhance my production process or tools to help me better able to express or engage myself.

Plus there is this:

According to research by Alloy Media, tweens and teens are, in many cases, connecting to their parents via a social network.

And this, which is not great news for TV:

The study asked about traditional media habits and found social networking is approaching parity with TV time among 9- to 17-year-olds. And when kids are multitasking, they’re four times more likely to pay closer attention to whatever they’re doing online than to whatever they’re watching on the tube.

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