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Journalism that Matters Starts Tuesday

JTMDC07 005 Had a great Journalism that Matters planning, talk, talk meeting tonight with Dan Gillmor, Fabrice Florin of, Bill Densmore of Media Giraffe and our moderators for tomorrow Steve Silha and Peggy Holman. Of course, this will be an open space unconference, so it will go as it goes…in other words, it is not totally 100 percent planned minute by minute. It will be upJTMDC07 007 to the 150 people in attendance to help make it a great day.

Of course, if it goes as well as our dinner, well, this will be very BIG. Earlier I blogged about my Representative Journalism idea. Dan Gillmor was talking about his idea on cooperative journalism which made me think we might already have cooperative groups ready to hire their own Representative Journalist or at least invest in cooperative reporting as Gillmor suggests. For example, Community Supported Agricultural groups. They have a common interest.

Photo to the left is Steve Silha, left, and Dan Gillmor, to the right Fabrice Florin of and below Peggy Holman and Bill Densmore. More tomorrow.JTMDC07 006

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