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Representative Journalism: Making It Work

Let’s say our Representative Journalism was a community of people interested in the economic opportunity and development reporter in a relatively economically depressed area. We estimate the total cost for that reporter including salary, benefits, editing support and newsroom overhead costs will be approximately $100,000 a year. To pay for it, the network weaver, either a commissioned community member or a circulation employee will seek out and build a community of 1000 people each willing to pay $100 a year to access a special online site devoted entirely to economic opportunity and development news for their local area.

Some of that news will also go into the general paper, but the Representative Journalism community will get premium coverage at this highly interactive Representative Journalism online site.

In addition, the community of 1000, which we assume will include people extremely interest in the topic, who collectively might well know more than the reporter. Any rate there is deep conversation with the reporter providing everything from news to white papers to stoke the conversation.

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