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While You Slept, PJNet Got a Facelift

Well look what we have here, a newly invented Actually it is a newly designed; the content will remain pretty much the same with a few spin offs like Representative Journalism and my ethics case study The Outing of Jim West, both of which will grow out of this site soon. Very soon. Both are explained in the video: What’s New at The videos will come and go. Got a video that you think PJNet readers might be interested in, let me know. I’ll try to give it center stage.

Griff Wigley associate Sean Hayford O’Leary did the lion’s share of the redesign, and we moved it from Movable Type to WordPress, which will mean that at least for a while the Google searches will be problematic. But Griff and Sean tell me that in the long run it will all be for the better. We’ll see. Now I love that most often when you type in public journalism my site comes up first at Google. I liked to think I owned the worldwide franchise. Will that be true in the future, as I said, we’ll see.

I have also tried to make the site more interactive. It will be easier for you to comment. So you might start by critiquing the site. Love it, hate it, got an idea to make it even better? One problem, it is viewed best in Mozilla Firefox and looks a little clunky in Explorer IE6, which a third of us still have. Look for the little black box at the bottom right of the home page; if you have the older Explorer IE6 there’s a link to download a newer version. Of course, do so at your own risk. I am just the messenger.

So today’s message: We’re feeling pretty good and hope to continue growing our readership and getting them more involved in reinventing a more sustainable high quality journalism. As always, thanks for stopping by.

4 Responses to “While You Slept, PJNet Got a Facelift”

  1. Griff Wigley Says:

    Hey Len, nice looking site ya got here. ;-) I’m pleased you made the switchover and that it worked out well with Sean. Google’s spider visited today!

    I’m impressed with that little videoclip intro you did. I just had to do one for a screencast and it took me a dozen or more ‘takes’ for just a one-minute clip. Very hard to look the camera in the eye for all that time. You’re as good as Ronald Reagan was!

    But yours has given me the idea to do something similar for both my biz site as well as my citizen blog… it’s a nifty, personalized welcome that’s unusual. The student (you) teaches the professor (me).

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Gee Griff, thanks for all the compliments and all the help. Given my politics I can tell you are the first person who has ever compared me to Ronald Reagan.

    Those of you who frequent the should know that it was Griff in the spring of 2003 who told me I should start a blog…fortunately after much naysaying I followed his advice…as I almost always do…he has been social networking people online since….get this…1986. You know, back when Ronald Reagan was President.

  3. Karl Says:

    Let me second the compliments – the blog’s and the entire service’s look and feel is a huge improvement. Congrats :)

  4. Leonard Witt Says:

    Thanks, Karl. Of course, I keep an eye on the Philadephia media scene via your blog paradox1x . Keep up the good work.