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Duke Wants You to Help Reinvent Its Newsroom

Chris O’Brien is helping Duke University come up with a new student newsroom for the university and wants anyone interested to help. Here is some information from the Journalism that Matters (JTM) DC session notes: 

 The project, officially called “The Next Newsroom Project,” is focusing on a basic question: If you had a chance to build a newsroom from scratch for the next 50 years of journalism, what would it look like? Over the next year, the project will create a website to document its research and provide a place for anyone interested in the topic to collaborate on the newsroom proposal; there will be a conference on the newsroom of the future at Duke University in Spring 2008; and the group will deliver a proposal for the ideal newsroom to Duke officials in May 2008.

By way of background, O’Brien also explained that Duke does not have a formal journalism school, but it does offer a journalism certificate through the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy.

Here is one of O’Brien’s questions he asked at the JTM session:

Q: What role should the newsroom have for creating a hub for public discourse, fostering general media literacy, and community journalism?

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