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MediaShift: Want a Job? Go Digital

Mark Glaser at MediaShift looks around and discovers that as traditional news jobs are being cut there is long list of jobs available on the digital side — even at traditional media companies.

Dan Rohn of tells Glaser, there are also jobs at small papers:

“Right now we have 628 newspaper job openings in the U.S., from Alaska to Massachusetts to Florida to Indiana. It’s in small towns, and I think that’s because they’re owned by families or small chains that are successful and not being hit as hard. The big companies, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, they are publicly traded and it’s a whole different ballgame. The small papers are still serving a need in their communities.”

Rohn adds for the larger companies:

“You see the buyouts and that’s what gets the headlines, and then they hire digital folks because they’re trying to get the younger set, the technologically savvy journalist who doesn’t have the pay built up yet and has the skills of the next generation,” Rohn said. founder Laurel Touby reports she:

was floored when a large magazine publisher came to her recently for help in hiring a whopping 400 new digital positions over the next year, a prospect she says will be difficult because of the lack of tech-savvy applicants.

And what about journalism schools:

Paul Grabowicz, assistant dean and director of the new media program at the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California-Berkeley, said that so many students were taking the Intro to Multimedia Reporting elective that the school decided to make it a required course for everyone….

“Students who are well versed in digital media often find themselves being placed in key positions in news organizations that are trying to ramp up their multimedia or online operations,” Grabowicz said. “So it’s not just that it’s becoming a requirement for a job; for many students it’s an opportunity to help lead a news organization in the transition to digital media. Which is pretty exciting.”

2 Responses to “MediaShift: Want a Job? Go Digital”

  1. Jill Says:

    Hi Leonard! Check out this post by former PD reporter Bill Sloat.

    I also passed the info on to Jay Rosen. I’m one of the four bloggers involved in the negotiations and while it’s very interesting and exciting, it’s not yet a done deal. Still, we remain optimistic and we give kudos to the PD for reaching out to us.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Hi Jill:

    Sounds exciting. Keep us abreast of unfolding events. I referenced your comment in a blog today, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007. Thanks for the tip.