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Representative Journalism: Help Build a Concept

As you might have notice from the video on this page, I officially launched my Representative Journalism offshoot of the It’s an idea I hope has legs and can spread. I need ideas from the outside to help make it happen. I have made it easier to comment here and at the Representative Journalism site. Please add your questions, suggestions and critiques. I will try to answer them.

I am also applying for a Knight News Challenge grant so we can have a couple of experimental sites to see how the idea works in practice. In the weeks to come on the Representative Journalism pages I will be writing about ethical considerations, as I have done today, forming communities, a new kind of journalist, financial models, social networking and more.  As I say in the video I hope others will steal the idea or at least parts of it and put it or them into practice.

 I have already heard from people like Noah Kunin, who has been thinking about similar communities, and from Jean Dallas, who wonders how it might work in rural communities. I am not sure how it might, but if people like Dallas and Kunin  and you join the conversation, we can find out.


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