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Help Celebrate Two Bloggy Birthdays

I just got a comment on the  Grayson Daughters’s Off the Bus blog from Amani Channel, whose MyUrbanReport blog recently had its first birthday. Channel probably has been the most active and talented and consist citizen/professional video blogger on the Internet and will be an Off the Bus reporter.  Of course, I especially like his video on citizen journalism that he did with this professor I know.

The second birthday, really is a birthday as in brand new as in just gave birth to this blog. It’s called Serial Consign, the name of which I don’t really understand, and it is written by Greg J. Smith, who recently completed his Masters of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design  at the University of Toronto. A few months ago I blogged  about his thesis research project, Movable Parts: The Retooling of the Los Angeles Times  and read his paper which is fascinating. But it, as well as his blog, will test both sides of your brain and link you to places like ffffound, which seems to have no practical use, but helps you see the most remarkable graphics on the net. Hey, Greg, what does Serial Consign mean? Also Greg, where is the link to Movable Parts. I have a pdf saved to my computer, but can no longer find the link on the Internet. 

Happy Birthday Amani and Greg, help them celebrate by visiting their sites.

3 Responses to “Help Celebrate Two Bloggy Birthdays”

  1. Greg J. Smith Says:

    Hi Leonard,

    In answer to your pressing questions:

    1)The definition of Serial Consign stems from a closed down design studio I always biked by when I lived in L.A years back. The signage for the store had used to read “Concept and Design” but somebody blacked out parts of the text so it read “Con and Sign” This kind of became my design mantra, and I tend to repeat myself so the serialism came rather naturally.

    2)I have no idea of any practical use for ffffound! but I love it for the same reason I love

    My blog isn’t technically new, but the venture to get all my thesis research online is. The reason that the PDF is offline is that I’m currently blogifying it and all the work that followed it. I’m hoping to get everything online via a series of posts over the next four months or so..

    Here is the first post in the series and some older related posts on visualizing the news and citizen journalism

    Thanks for linking to my work Leonard! :)

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Ooops, Smith’s citizen journalism reference has a bad link, it should be:

    crowdsourced journalism =

  3. Amani Channel Says:

    Thanks as always. I just found out I’m going to be a panelist at next years’ UNITY conference in Chicago. It’s a gathering of all the “minority” journalism organizations. The panel is about citizen journalism & hyper local reporting.