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OffTheBus: Get Students Published Nationally

Jay Rosen and the Huffington Post’s OffTheBus is a great way to get student work published nationally. Grayson Daughters, a student of life,  has helped produce a couple of grassroots videos –one Republican oriented, one Democratic oriented – for the project, and her work would give students an idea of one technical approach, albeit a fairly standard newscast format.

Students need not go any further than their own campuses to produce stories, and I would hope try both traditional and experimental techniques for this project.  

Here is more from David Cohn at an OffTheBus Facebook page:

Do you obsess over politics? Are you tired of the same-old horserace coverage? Do you enjoy writing or making videos?

Then you might be exactly who we’re looking for.

OffTheBus, a renegade citizen media effort co-sponsored by the Huffington Post and NewAssignment.Net and a nationwide network of citizen journalists, is looking for campaign correspondents. Responsible for covering and examining presidential campaign and grassroots activity, especially in their own backyards, our correspondents will provide an alternative look at the upcoming election. Correspondents will also be featured prominently on OffTheBus, as well as on the Huffington Post.

A bit more about us. Our goal is to provide the most authentic account of the 2008 presidential election contests. unlike traditional political reportage, we make no assumption that leader boards and point ticks in the poll tell anything of value about the real stories behind an election cycle. Instead, we think you – with the unique perspective you bring that is distinctly NOT part of the journalistic machine – can provide a much better account of what this election looks and feels like.

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for from you:
* Produce at least two original pieces of content per week;
* Pieces are to be at least 500 words or 3 minutes for AV contributions;
* Weekly participation in an editorial team conference call.

If you’d like to be considered for a correspondent position, email campaigntrail@huffingtonpost, with “Correspondent” and your zip code in the subject line. Include a brief letter introducing yourself, why you’re interested in OffTheBus, and a few reasons you think you’d make an asset to our team. Also include a short writing sample so we can get a sense of your writing style.    

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