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How News Execs Can Run on Shakey Earth

Here is some weekend reading: Running While the Earth Shakes, Creating an Innovation Strategy to Win in the Digital Age
A Study on Innovation in the News Media.

…this report is designed to help both new and old media companies identify and aggressively redefine business models, create dynamic processes, develop flexible organizations and inspire vital leadership to navigate industry changes ahead.

Here is what the Washington Post’s Rob Curley, who is a report participant, says about the report:

It’s about 50 pages long and includes interviews with 36 executives from both old and new media companies, including several folks from The Washington Post Company, like my boss, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive CEO Caroline Little.

Curley writing about Don Graham, the Post’s Chairman, says:

…the coolest thing I ever saw Don do was have lunch with our team’s summer interns and write down three pages of notes from his discussions with them.

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