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ConvergeSouth: Day Two Social Networking

Social Networking Panel ConvergeSouth 2007

The panel is  Elisa Camahort, Soni Pitts, and Ruby Sinreich.

 Sinreich gives the five elements of a strong Social Network:

1. Strong social ties

2. Having a dense communication grid, a lot of ways to get in touch with other, RSS feeds, Twittering, or Flickr pages, at conferences.

3. Having a common story. Narrative you all experienced together. Common theme, the language is the same.

4. Shared resources, a place like Blogher, or sharing money, or grants in a certain movement.

5. Meta or sense of purpose. They are aware it exists, have a sense of membership. A sense of belonging and knowing what it is for. The right network and right sense of belonging.

Ed Cone talks about social networking in business at Wachovia’s 110,000 employees.

One Response to “ConvergeSouth: Day Two Social Networking”

  1. Soni Says:

    Cool! I actually managed to look all insightful and stuff, and not so dorky, even thought I was still a bit under the Burro. Sweet.