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Are Great Feature Writing Specialists in Danger?

I hope you have been among the 1,600 people who have been watching the discussion that has grown around my post: Journalism Wants Pitcher to Be the Catcher Too. Here’s a key question: Can you be a great reporter/writer with no interest in multi-media skills and still get a newsroom job?

Here is one opinion from  Prescott Shibles:

I would even venture to say that having even mediocre Web/multimedia skills makes you far more employable and valuable. Those skills will dramatically impact salary and the number of job offers…telling students to be a specialist in a world that values versatility is doing them a disservice.

  What are your thoughts? Join the discussion.

Here is another update, from Paul Conley, who works with folks who hire young graduates:

…what I hear every day from my clients and other professionals — a college kid with a resume that could have been written in the 1970s is not worth hiring. I don’t care how well he writes. Writing well is not enough.

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