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Citizen Journalist Joins Media Circus

Rudy Giuliani came to Marietta, Georgia yesterday, so I strapped on the camera and headed to the Town Square. A citizen journalist in search of a story. Well, the one I found was similar to what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Giuliani nearly drowned out by rival’s supporters.

 Ron Paul’s supporters were out in force and quite vocal as you will see in my video. However, at Atlanta’s TV station 11Alive nary a word of the opposition. It was all about a calm orderly visit filled with sound bites. So their reality was very different than my reality. Which is better for the audience, a slick news production or YouTubie me? I will leave that for you to decide.  However, I think if you watch my nutty little production and 11Alive’s, you will actually have a better understanding of the truth than if you just watched either — which I believe scores a point for citizen journalism.

The video lasts three minutes.

6 Responses to “Citizen Journalist Joins Media Circus”

  1. Notes from a Teacher: Mark on Media » Monday squibs Says:

    [...] Citizen Journalist Joins Media Circus. Len Witt has some fun with a video camera and a political visit to introduce folks to campaign coverage, and then to compare and contrast his YouTube effort vs. what the local TV station produced. Instructive. [...]

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  3. Thomas Wheatley Says:


    That was beautiful. And I even saw myself, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

  4. Grayson Says:


  5. Grayson Says:

    WTF??? I just watched the 11Alive coverage. Was Dennis O in a freakin’ coma or what??? Drinking in the bar next door? Did he just miss the event altogether and tried to cover his a with that piss-poor package? That was truly THE lamest thing I’ve watched all morning. But the thing is, I’d never had had the slightest clue as to just HOW lame it was had I not watched your video first.

    CJ rules!!!!!!!!!

  6. Citizen Journalism Rocks At Rudy Rally!!! | Peach Pundit Says:

    [...] want to see just how totally lame local news political coverage really is? Well, first watch this video of the Marietta Sqaure/Rudy vs. Paulites rally yesterday. Then watch this one by Land-O-Coma [...]