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Citizen Journalism Training Happens Worldwide

Citizen journalism training is taking place here, there and everywhere, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Egypt, Senagal, Kenya, Cambodia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, India, and Sierra Leone. See the round up at MediaShift’s Idea Lab. Here is what is happening with the Latino immigrant community in Philadelphia.

Every time I tout citizen journalism, I say it is an opportunity for people to get their own voices heard and not have to depend on mainstream media, and it is happening.

2 Responses to “Citizen Journalism Training Happens Worldwide”

  1. Anshuman Misra Says:

    Informing Citizens about power of Citizen Journalism is fine but is training really required. Yes, training them to have a nose for news would be nice but the individual flavor is what makes CJ content interesting.

  2. Remains of the Year, Citizen Journalism Edition | Writes Like She Talks Says:

    [...] 4. Training a new generation of citizen journalists around the world (hattip to [...]