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Atlanta’s SoCon08 Conference Feb 8-9, Register Now

Last year SoCon07 was a blast, attendees loved it. So, of course, we are back again for SoCon08, the social media and social networking event for the Southeast. Registration opened today. Get aboard now. Here is what Timothy Moenk, one of the people helping organize SoCon08 wrote, it will give you an excellent idea of where we think SoCon08 is headed:

“How far we’ve come, Where we’re going” should impact the format of the conference.

It was my distinct impression that the social media landscape in Atlanta changed after SoCon07. Whereas before there didn’t seem to be much going on, afterwards there seemed to be an explosion of conversations about social media happening around the city. From Podcamp Atlanta, to the Social Media Club, to Startup Weekend Atlanta, to panel discussions about Web 2.0 at professional associations across the board, it seems Atlanta has come a long way in climbing the social media learning curve this past year.

I’ve heard similar stories from a number of other people who attended SoCon07, and even a few who were unable to but noticed a similar trend. Whether it was the catalyst, or just coincidentally within the right time frame, it’s clear that SoCon07 was held at an inflection point for these conversations.

And so a year later we’re coming together for SoCon08 to look forward, but I think it’s equally important to look back. As they say, in order to understand where we are going we need to understand where we’ve come from. This isn’t just about understanding how far the technology has come, it’s about understanding the collective story. As far as I know no one has the bigger picture of what’s going on here (yet), but we all have our own bits and pieces of the story to share.

Last year we had a great main session where we explored all kinds of ideas, stories, opinions, etc. This year I think the format should remain largely unchanged, but with the added focus on sharing our bits and pieces of the larger story. The theme “How far we’ve come, Where we’re going,” resonates not just as a feel good phrase, but as a guide for the main session. I think it should be divided into two sections: one retroactive, and one forward looking. Both sections should be given equal time. The conversation should be moderated such that we don’t stay on any particular topic area for too long, but explore a number of individual stories within different themes enough to see how well they resonate with the larger group.

What kinds of stories should we be airing about this past year? How social media has impacted our lived this past year personally and professionally. Personal stories regarding the rise of Twitter and Facebook. Stories about how our businesses have been impacted positively and negatively. Challenges we’ve faced. Conversations we’ve had. Meetings we’ve had and attended. etc.

As for where we’re going this next year? New events and initiatives that are being organized around and/or with social media. New business directions. Unexpected personal opportunities that are opening up. Areas of concern and trepidation. Larger trends in the tech industry. Larger trends socially. What would people like to see happen this next year? Plans, predictions, etc.

I think it’s perfect that Jeff is doing the opening for SoCon08 because of his unique view. He’s been active locally, as well as nationally, organized a number of events, but has also been steeped in the technology. As far as telling bits and pieces of the larger story go, he touches the social as well as the technical, and definitely has some great past events and future plans to draw from to set the stage for SoCon08.

 So that’s where we are headed in a general sense. Go to the SoCon08 site and register now.

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