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Making Connections Since 1829

I am staying in a New England farm house built in 1829, which was not long after this country was founded. It’s still on a dirt road and physically not much has changed, except connectivity. First there was a ford across the Swift River down the hill, then the Durgin Covered Bridge . Later came the telephones, but even in early 1970s, they had party lines here. When visiting in the summers I ride my bike a lot on the backroads and often will never see a car, but invariably sometime during the day a Fed Ex truck will pass me. Now this year in North Sandwich, New Hampshire on this dirt road, cut off from everything we can plug into a high speed Internet. What’s it all mean? The total lack of housing density says if it can happen here, then economically it can happen everywhere. And at $40 a month it seems like a bargain. And for those people who can’t afford that, which many people here cannot, then it is time for big media to begin to subsidize some everyday citizen journalists. The opportunities are hugh.

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