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MPR’s Public Insight Journalism Mines Audience

I just posted this Public Journalism Network, PJNet, Leonard Witt IM Interview with MPR’s Mike Skoler, great stuff on tapping collective audience:

Minnesota Public Radio’s groundbreaking concept “Public Insight Journalism” already is bringing new jobs into the MPR newsroom as it tries to tap the collective thinking power of its entire audience. Michael Skoler, managing director of news at MPR, explains how it works in this special Leonard Witt IM Interview.

Key Quote: If “establishment” media organizations can plug into the energy and wisdom of the collective brain of the public, we’ll bring the strength of traditional journalism — editorial judgment, fact-checking, truth-seeking — into a new age of better, more trusted news coverage. If we don’t do this, I think the unfiltered, weblog-type model of journalism will overtake traditional media …Michael Skoler

By the way I have not forgotten this site. I just have been putting my energies into the, which, of course, crosses over collective audience, bigger brain thinking.

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