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New Social Networking Site for Journalists

Howard Owens tipped me off to Wired Journalists,  a new Ning social networking site for journalists who want to learn more about the wired world. It is set up by Ryan Sholin, a brilliant guy with a brilliant idea. Congratulations Ryan.

I really like the feel of the site. However, my first blog  post there asked why so many of the 600 now Wired Journalists have not posted an icon photo. Maybe all of this is so new to them that they don’t know how to interact in this social networking milieu or maybe even don’t know how to upload a photo. Sholin says here is an opportunity to mentor the Web “newbies.”  

Any how, I really like the site and feel very comfortable there in an almost a touchy-feely way…which would really be a miracle if everyday journalists felt the same way.

One Response to “New Social Networking Site for Journalists”

  1. Ryan Sholin Says:

    Thanks! I pushed the buttons to set up the site with Ning (seriously, it’s really easy), but the idea really came from Howard Owens and Zac Echola, both of whom were fielding e-mail from interested “non-wired” journalists looking for a place like this in the wake of Howard’s Dec. 2007 blog post.

    I’ve seen comments to the effect that the site is comfortable in the touchy-feely way you describe, which, really, is the goal.

    All are welcome to learn and teach.