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SoCon08 Full — No Conference Fatigue in Georgia

This weekend we closed down registration for our SoCon08 conferenceon Feb. 8-9, 2008. The Feb. 8 Friday night dinner at Maggiano’s is stuffed as probably will be our 160 Friday night participants. On Saturday, Feb. 9 we are adding extra chairs to our auditorium at Kennesaw State University as we will have a booming 275 people in the room. We already had planned for 15 breakout sessions, but with 275 registrants we will have to push it to 20 with 10 in each breakout hour. The finished, updated schedule will be posted on Monday. Our preconference questionnaire tells us there is lots of interested in entrepreneurship, social networking, publishing on the web, content sharing and social media in general. What I am most struck by is the number of registrants in small start-up companies or ongoing small operations.

Last year SoCon07 was a big success and we were astounded by those numbers: 96 on Friday and about 200 on Saturday. This year, looking at the numbers we are about 150 percent more astounded.  When we started planning for SoCon08 I was thinking there might be Web 2.0 conference fatigue, apparently not in Georgia. One more interesting fact, last year Saturday was free, this year we are charging $15, mostly because we felt if people had to pay something, they would be more likely to show up. It is easier on the conference planners and helpers which include in alphabetical order: Lauren Booth, Jeff Haynie, Sherry Heyl, Timothy Moenk, Sean O’Leary, Barbara Vinning and me Leonard Witt. Apparently, that fee did not deter many from registering.

One figure which I am not sure of yet. Last year as the conference ended late Saturday afternoon, just six of use came to the Marietta Town Square for a evening pub crawl and dinner.  This year 72 folks say they want to join us. After a day and half of networking, we will see how many want to soldier on into Saturday night. Any how, last night, which was Saturday, I had to visit the different possible venues on the Marietta Town Square. Rough duty going from pub to pub, but alas here I am on Sunday typing away.

Finally, here’s another social networking, social media, Web 2.0 message. We did no advertising. It was all word-of-mouth via our various online networks. Does that mean we know all of these people? Heck no, but we all know some of them and they know some others. After next Saturday, everyone’s social network will be increased, fortified and energized. Welcome everyone to the world of Web 2.0 and SoCon08.  

One Response to “SoCon08 Full — No Conference Fatigue in Georgia”

  1. Sherry Heyl Says:

    We did a little advertising through email marketing – but that still counts as word of mouth/online social networks…