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SoCon08: See the Video, 300 photos, 58 Posts

Amani Channel, the man behind, was busy at our SoCon08 conference Friday and Saturday, Feb. 8-9, 2008 hosting a dinner table conversation, providing an afternoon workshop on video and, of course, what else…shooting a video of the conference. He is fast; he was uploading part of the event video as the conference progressed. So enough with the introductions, the first SoCon08 video is below, about 300 photos are at Flickr and here’s what people are saying about SoCon08 in the first 58 blog posts. I will have more, but my three word summary: It Was Fantastic.

2 Responses to “SoCon08: See the Video, 300 photos, 58 Posts”

  1. griftdrift Says:

    It was a great conference, Leonard. The citizen journalism discussion was fantastic. I was very glad to see the AJC folks there and happy they were receptivv

  2. David Cohen Says:

    Wow, what a great weekend! I thought that the energy and level of sophistication both surpassed last year’s event – and that’s saying something! Thanks for the opportunity to participate – our breakout session on personal branding showed that a lot of people are interested in the impact of social media on their privacy, reputation, and the blending of work and personal life. I can’t wait to hear where the discussion goes next year.