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Live Blogging the Birth of a Baby

On Sunday I wrote about this cool program Cover It Live that Robert Rhyne Armstrong used to live blog SoCon08. Later at our new SoCon08 Network site at Ning I asked him for more information about the program. He said that he used it to live blog the birth of his baby. Very neat, especially the ability to capture the incoming comments from well wishers.

So this is the kind of tool that reporters could be using for many events and using Twitter to allow people to join the discussion, especially since you can upload photos, video, URLs, etcetera while live blogging. The Cover It Live demo, says it is similar to sending IM messages.

Armstrong provides his own excellent review.   

I will be at the We Media conference in Florida on February 26-29 and will probably give this program a try then, if not before. My problem is that I am a slow and rather sloppy typist, as many of you might have noticed on these pages. I usually have to proof stuff over and over. So maybe live blogging is not my forte. Still I want to practice with the tool because my new mantra is: You have to play the game to understand it.

2 Responses to “Live Blogging the Birth of a Baby”

  1. Andrew Nachison Says:

    Len, I hope it works and helps and I look forward to reading or hearing about your experience ( I recall a fun video from London).

    And, of course, your experiences with different tools reflect the fluid nature of journalism, which used to be so simple and uniform – but now requires different tools for different situations. Twitter may suffice in some cases; others may demand more ambitious live mobile video; some could be solo affairs; some with teams and distributed tasks.

    I look forward to seeing you in Miami – and the stories that follow.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Hi Andrew:

    When I was at Converge South I did a series of short video interviews with several folks including Jason Calacanis:

    The topic was the future of newspapers. I will try for a similar theme at the We Media conference. Got any ideas? Anyone else have any ideas for topics?