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MediaWeek: CNN to Take on YouTube

This from today’s MediaWeek:

Time Warner’s CNN this week will enter YouTube territory with the launch of, a new Web site built entirely on user-produced news. And unlike CNN’s own properties—where only iReport submissions that have been handpicked by editors and checked for accuracy ever make it online or on air—the new site will be wide open, allowing users to post whatever content they choose, CNN said….

Here is more:  

“The community will decide what the news is,” said Susan Grant, executive vp of CNN News Services. “We are not going to discourage or encourage anything…iReport will be completely unvetted.” (CNN will, however, monitor the site for objectionable content.)

One Response to “MediaWeek: CNN to Take on YouTube”

  1. Digidave Says:

    Good story, but me thinkst they are over-estimating YouTube.

    I don’t think CNN wants pictures of dancing cats, babies and other nonesense which we find on YouTube.

    Current TV should be nervous though.